CommandBook (Essential Commands)

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CommandBook (Essential Commands)

Post by killmeebaby on Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:21 pm

The commandbook provides the server with a variety of essential commands. The relevant ones are listed below:

BOLD = Required
Italics = Optional or Argument

- /who /list /playerlist /online /players [Guests]
See who is online.

- /motd [Guests]
View the message of the day.

- /rules [Guests]
View the server rules.

- /kit starter [Guests]
A kit of mainly useless items for anybody not new to the server.

- /time [Guests]
View the current in-game time.

- /call player_name [Members]
Requests to teleport to a certain player.

- /bring player_name [Members]
Answers a teleport request to you from another player.

- /sethome [Members]
Sets your home in current world.

- /home [Members]
Teleports you to your home in current world.

- /warps [Members]
Shows a list of available warps

- /warp warp_name [Members]
Warps you to chosen warp

- /msg player_name /message player_name /whisper player_name /pm player_name /tell player_name [Members]
Sends a private message to the chosen player.

- /r /reply [Members]
Responds to a private message sent to you.

- /afk [Guests]
Sets you as away from keyboard.

- /whereami [Guests]
Gives you your location

- /clear [Guests]
Deletes your inventory

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