Crazy Server Adjustments [OUTDATED]

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Crazy Server Adjustments [OUTDATED]

Post by killmeebaby on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:49 pm

So server is running smoothly
added a few epic things for everyone
It is HIGHLY reccommended that you download: this
Make a backup of your old .minecraft folder
Then to install it just run it
This really give you the best experience.
Allow such things as:
-regional music
-skins for everyone
-colored ranks above you avatar
-colored names above your name
- capes/cloaks
-chat scrolling
-easy message editing
-Naming wolfs

-------------Server Changelog 06/16/2011---------
-added new world dungeon (/warp gamezone)
-changed groupins
-added playtime dependant automatic ranking
-added buyable promotions (/warp promotoions)

Remember! Its called DoWhatchaWant

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