Forest of Fame?

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Forest of Fame?

Post by killmeebaby on Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:12 pm

The forest of fame is that useless park surrounding the spawn town. And since it serves no real purpose it will now be used as a mass bulletin board...
They way it works is you can either ask in game or create a new topic in the category of the forums for a sign to be placed anywhere on the grass of the forest. The reason that you have to ask is that the area is build protected. I can't just leave it unguarded to the hordes of griefers. Limited to 1 per player. Colors can be applied. The top line must be your username, and the rest of the lines can be whatever you want (except for profanities deemed too harsh). So as an example:


If requesting as a topic please include what colors what lines should be and keep in mind there is a small character limit per line.

Remember! Its called DoWhatchaWant

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