MCMMO (RPG plugin)

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MCMMO (RPG plugin)

Post by killmeebaby on Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:50 pm

MCMMO provides the sever with RPG like features improving your experiance.
Relevant commands listed below:

BOLD = Required
Italics = Optional or Argument

- /mcmmo [Guests]
Displays a description of the mod and how to play

- /mcc [Guests]
Displays a list of mcMMO commands in game

- /stats [Guests]
View detailed information on your mcMMO stats

- /p [Guests]
Toggle party chat

- /party party_name [Guests]
Creates or invites party with specified name

- /invite player_name [Guests]
Invites player to join your party

- /accept [Guests]
Joins a party you have been invited to

- /party lock [Guests]
Locks your party

- /party unlock [Guests]
Unlocks your party

-/party password password [Guests]
Makes your party password protected

- /party kick player_name [Guests]
Kicks a player from your party

- /party party_name party_password [Guests]
Used to join a password locked party

(First person to join a party is the owner)
(Party deletes itself if no members)

Remember! Its called DoWhatchaWant

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